About The Practitioner

Dharma Gaynes LMT

First and foremost, I am a student. Learning is my highest value so I will always be adding to and seeking out more knowledge and honing my skills so I can better serve my clients and students. I believe that questions are the answer. If you have questions, by all means, ask! If I don’t yet know, I’ll do my very best to find out! 

I trained in Massage at The College of Health Care Professions in Fort Worth, Texas and then furthered my continuing education with Mason Beall of Grapevine, Texas. It is a pleasure and pride to serve my clients as they move towards achieving health and wellness in their own lives.

My journey does not end at massage and I have endeavored to acquire an eclectic set of skills beyond as well from becoming a Minister, Licensed Spiritual Health Coach, certified Public Trainer, and several other Healing Arts.

However, what is important is not that I have been pursuing healing arts since 1992 or my credentials above. What is paramount in my life and my passion is ensuring those who come to me, request my aid, or seek my assistance; benefit personally and expand their own lives towards overall health, wellness, happiness and love.

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